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Enabling companies to say a meaningful, tangible thank you to their customers and employees.

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Our friendly team operates from our offices and warehouse overlooking the River Shannon in Limerick and has over 20 years of experience in corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting has changed dramatically from our early days. Gifts and employee rewards are likely to be digital gifts or vouchers for convenience, but we feel they might not be suitable for all occasions. Tangible gifts often carry the sentiment better. In an increasingly digital world, the desire to connect with people has grown, and corporate gifting has proven itself an effective way of connecting employees and customers.

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We are all about the sentiment and creating more profound moments of recognition that motivate, engage and build loyalty.

Recognition in
our industry

Trusted by multinationals across all industries, government bodies and indigenous Irish companies, we deliver seamless recognition and innovative gifting solutions to recognise, reward and retain their employees and build customer loyalty. In addition, we work to understand your unique culture, goals and objectives to create memorable gifting moments for your customers and employees.

Specialists in Employee Rewards and Recognition

From welcoming employees onboard to celebrating career and personal milestones, we have the expertise, intuitive tools and reward options to help you create deeper moments of recognition for your employees. These special moments help motivate and engage employees and improve staff retention.

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We are constantly amazed by the range of organisations that reach out to us with a wonderful dedication to their employees. Recognition is across all industries and organisation sizes. We bottle their passion and facilitate recognition that is meaningful, memorable and motivating.

Ann Lyons, Founder & Director,
Gift Innovations.

What makes us unique?

What makes Gift Innovations unique is the extent of our gifting options and our rewards technology.

Our gifts include premium Irish and international brands, quality promotional products, Irish crafts and produce and various awards. We deliver brands such as Samsonite, Sony and Seiko, to notebooks and backpacks branded with your logo, bespoke appreciation packs and award presentation pieces. We work out the best fit for our clients. The extensive range of gifts, together with RewardNet®, our rewards portal, offers excellent scope for all their corporate gifting needs.

What’s important
to us?

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We want to develop strong partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We understand loyalty and what we do supports our clients in building strong relationships with their customers and employees. We work closely with our suppliers and support them.


Our extensive experience and supplier base means we are not limited in what we can offer. We create fantastic gift boxes, but we certainly think outside the box! This allows us to deliver genuinely creative solutions for our clients that they could not get elsewhere.

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Group 8133


We like a challenge, and our clients provide opportunities to grow and develop our solutions. RewardNet came to fruition to offer employees a choice of these gifts on a customisable rewards portal due to working with our customers.


Including employer branding has become increasingly important in recent years. We launched promotional products to support branding initiatives for Human Resources and Marketing teams.

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Group 8133

Quality gifts

We are a gifting service at heart, and we’re always looking for new and exciting gifts at home and abroad. We realise that the gift must deliver sentiment and be high-quality and valuable. It’s about the story, not the stuff.


It might be last on our list here, but family always comes first. We are supportive of our employees – we practice what we preach and give lots of rewards and recognition.

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