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Benefit in Kind

Are you missing out on the many generous tax-free benefits of gift-giving? Tangible gifts are tax-free under Revenue’s Small Benefits Exemption and their Long Service Awards Allowance.

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Small Benefits

Revenue now allows up to two non-cash benefits (including gifts) per employee, per annum, up to €1000. PAYE, PRSI, USC need not be applied to the benefit.

This change applies from 2022 and subsequent years.

Long Service
Awards Allowance

Revenue also offers generous tax relief on Long Service Awards, ONLY when the awards take the form of tangible gifts. PAYE, PRSI or USC need not be applied to the benefit. The allowance is €50 for each year of service, starting at 20 years and every five years after that.

This represents up to 57% savings over long service awards made in the form of cash or vouchers.

Revenue rules on Long Service Awards

Circumstances in which awards for long service are not taxed:

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The award is made to mark long service of not less than 20 years

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The award is tangible (that is, not vouchers, bonds or cash)

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The cost is not more than €50 for each year of service

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No similar award has been made to the employee within the previous 5 years.

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