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Swag Boxes

We bundle gifts and goodies and deliver these swag boxes directly to your customers and employees. We Deliver, You Delight!

Appreciation Packs

An employee appreciation pack or gift box is a simple yet thoughtful gift to give to your employees. It is something that is greatly appreciated while also reinforcing your brand. Gift Innovations works with clients to find a blend of gifts, suitably branded, and presented, that speaks well of you to staff.

Welcome Pack for New Employees

When new staff walk through the door they benefit from receiving a proper welcome. Having a properly thought through welcome pack for new employees reassures them that this job was the right move. Employee welcome packs can include branded cups and bottles, pens and notebooks, a rucksack, and a phone charger.

Swag Boxes for Employees

Employees never say ‘No’ to a company swag box. So, it’s not just new employees who deserve company swag! How about about a Tee shirt or hoody in quality, soft, organic cotton? Be bold with your branding and sustainable with the choices you make.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate gift boxes work well for your corporate clients, especially at holiday seasons, for rebrands, or for new product launch. They keep your brand in the mind of your clients while building your relationship. They also work well when sent out as a calling card to potential new clients.

Staff Appreciation Gifts

It is sometimes a challenge to show our appreciation. That’s were a staff appreciation box comes in hand. You can include a handwritten note from a team leader or a printed card from the CEO. Have a word with team leaders: what gifts will their teams appreciate and get full use from?

Remote Employee Swag Kits

We all have colleagues who work remotely. It can be fulfilling but also tough from time-to-time. A well specified box of gifts works well as remote employee swag kits. Make sure to include Irish biscuits and chocolates. How about a wool and cashmere blanket from Irish suppliers –it can get chilly working remotely! We deliver employee onboarding kits wherever you have employees.

Care Packages for Staff

How do you show staff you care about them? Send a special care package for employees. Think about what works for you when choosing gifts. You can also differentiate what you include for staff who undertake different roles

Custom Branded Gift Boxes

To present your branded swag why not choose custom branded gift boxes? Boxes can be branded inside and/or outside and include branded tissue paper ir any other item. These branded gift boxes are made from cardboard, and recyclable. Branded stickers can be applied to standard boxes for faster turnaround.

Employee Appreciation Gift Box

When you feel appreciated you work well and work smart. One great strategy is to let people know they are appreciated by telling them. You can then express your appreciation in a note, which is included with a suitable gift given to them at work or sent to their home address.  

Sustainable Corporate Gift Boxes

What does sustainable mean? For us it means not just the material a gift is made from but also the quality of the product. Quality gifts = longer lasting gifts. Sustainability also extending to the box gifts are supplied in and packing materials. Boxes are made from recycled cardboard and packaging from recycled paper and recycled plastic.

Wellbeing Gift boxes for Staff

We have all learned how important it is to look after yourself. It is also important for employers to show they care for staff. What better way than preparing wellbeing gift boxes for staff? How about including a scented candle or bath salts for a long, lazy after-work soak?

Appreciation Packs for Clients

What’s good for your employees will also work well for your clients. They are the businesses and people who have supported your success. Sending clients an appreciation pack reinforces your relationship and lets them know you are open for more business.

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