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Portal Features

Group 8133

Meet your budget

RewardNet® is an affordable solution that allows you to give gifts that fit your budget. We invoice only after gifts have been selected and delivered

Customised welcome page

Let your brand shine through. Employees who log into the portal are welcomed by your branded and personalised message, inviting them to select their gifts.

Group 8133
Group 8133

Points-based solution

RewardNet allows employees great flexibility by choosing multiple gifts with their points. No monetary values are displayed, and employees must redeem their points in total. This ensures they enjoy the full benefit of your reward with no outstanding balances.

GDPR compliant

We respect your data. Each employee receives a secure login to RewardNet®; our data procedures are GDPR compliant.

Group 8133
Group 8133

Delivery options

We can deliver to business or home addresses. If you want the gifts delivered to home addresses, RewardNet prompts employees to insert their home delivery address.

Suitable for Revenue’s Long Service Awards Allowance

Revenue offers generous tax relief with their Long Service Awards Allowance (LSA), only when the awards take the form of tangible gifts. This is why many established companies have implemented our Service Award Programmes.

Group 8133

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