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Special Occasions
and Celebrations

Recognise the small moments as well as the big successes

Your employees are the people who got the company to where it is today.

Show you care by creating a personable gifting experience they won’t forget. Acknowledging personal moments such as weddings and celebrating company successes show employees they are personally and professionally valued.

Ellipse 606

Company successes

When your company wants to celebrate a significant achievement with a gift to all employees, RewardNet offers them fabulous gift choices with great flexibility. With its simple set-up and extensive gift catalogue, employees easily log in and quickly reap the rewards of their contribution.

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Going above and beyond

Need a new way to say thank you or reward your team?

We can email your employees their unique login details to access your customised rewards portal and choose their preferred gift. When employees put in a stellar performance, use RewardNet to recognise and reward their efforts.

Wedding gift portal

Recognise your employees’ personal as well as professional milestones. Your company-branded wedding portal includes a personalised message and a vast online catalogue of premium brand gifts. If the newlyweds can’t agree on a single gift, they can always choose multiple with the flexible points-based system!

Make someone’s day with an upscale gifting programme

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