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Celebrating Irish Designers this St Patrick’s Day

Support Irish St Patricks Day

In the Christian calendar, March 17th commemorates St. Patrick’s feast day and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Over the years, it has evolved from a purely religious festival into a cultural celebration marked by music, dance, and parades. It is a time when all Irish people, the Irish diaspora, and all who make Ireland their home, celebrate Irish heritage and culture together. We all look forward to wearing green, to the festivities – and the public holiday!

Ireland is also known across the globe for its dramatic landscapes, vibrant culture, and deep-rooted traditions. Because of this, there has always been a community of talented designers and artisans who draw on their surroundings for inspiration. From fashion to food, St. Patrick’s Day reminds us to celebrate the talents of these fabulous designers and producers.

Gift Innovations 100% Irish

At Gift Innovations, we love supporting Irish. We support Irish designers and producers because they draw from their rich, cultural heritage, making their products distinctive and desirable. As a corporate gifting company, we recognise that organisations want to support Irish producers too as their products make ideal corporate gifts. Irish-made gifts chime with customer sentiment, telling a powerful story, and conjuring a sense of our home.

As a 100% Irish-owned business, we source products from Irish designers, Irish manufacturers and Irish distributors. We have assisted these suppliers in getting their products and brands into the corporate market, which has become more challenging. From the complex purchasing processes in multinational companies and GDRP agreements to getting the right contact person, the B2B market is a lucrative but often a difficult door to open. We support these suppliers by offering their products on our employee rewards portal and by promoting their brands.

“We support Irish designers, Irish manufacturers and Irish distributors with the challenge of getting their products into the corporate market.”

Ann Lyons, Director – Gift Innovations

Irish rewards portal

We developed RewardNet®, our proprietary rewards portal, to recognise employees with a choice of gifts. RewardNet is a customisable platform that gives Human Resources an easy way to reward employees with a wide range of gifts. Employees can choose anything from smart devices to Irish designed products on a company branded rewards portal. It helps to cultivate a culture of employee recognition by celebrating career milestones and recognising achievements.

RewardNet is implemented in semi-state bodies, leading national and multinational companies as well as indigenous Irish businesses. We partner with our corporate clients to understand their culture and objectives and manage the entire process from the awards notification to delivery, while creating a memorable gifting experience for their employees. With its simple set-up and extensive gift catalogue, employees can easily log into RewardNet and quickly reap the rewards for their contributions to your business success.

RewardNet Employee Rewards Portal

Irish brands

We are proud to feature Irish designed and Irish-made products on RewardNet. Made in Ireland products are more sustainable and of exceptional quality, perfect for showing employees you truly care. These are gifts for employees that they cherish and appreciate for years to come. They become the heirlooms that the next generation will want to inherit.

Here are just a few examples of Irish brands that we love to support:

Foxford Woollen Mills for their cosy, cashmere blankets and colours. Landa Bags for their exquisite designs that have reached the red carpet and Spotlight Oral Care for their award-winning oral healthcare products. The unique beauty and craftsmanship of Garrett Mallon Jewellery. The touch and feel of Louis Mulcahy Pottery. The finesse of Waterford Crystal.  The natural scents of Green Angel and the sustainability of Caulfield Country Boards. The passion and artistry of Nicholas Mosse Pottery.

Irish Suppliers

Promoting sustainability

By sourcing gifts from Irish producers and Irish suppliers, and by offering choice on our rewards portal, we are supporting sustainability. Sustainability is about fulfilling the needs of our generation without compromising the needs of future generations. It encourages a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. By featuring quality Irish-made products in our employee reward programmes, we reduce their carbon footprint. Sourcing products from Irish suppliers and designers also protects livelihoods and supports local business. 

“Sustainability encourages a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being.”

Dr. Paul Gadie, Managing Director – Gift Innovations
Irish Made Gifts

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate the contribution made by the producers of Irish-made gifts. Their gifts and skills improve our lives with their beautiful and functional products. Whether it’s through fashion, pottery, tech gifts, or professional services, Irish designers repeatedly prove themselves to be among the best in the world. They remind us of our cultural heritage and of the importance of the circular economy. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, raise a glass to Irish design and the visionary designers who are creative, crafty, and full of the craic!

About the Author

Dr. Paul Gadie is the Managing Director of Gift Innovations with wide experience in the corporate gifting industry. He holds various degrees including a doctorate in Theology, which focuses on leadership. He has worked in academia, researching, and lecturing in Theology & Religious Studies and managing academic partnerships across the UK, Europe, and Africa. He is also a published author; in his research, he encourages the development of leaders with a vision to work with and persuade others, rather than to control and command.

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