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Promotional Merchandise Ideas for any Business

Promotional Merchandise Ideas

What is Promotional Merchandise?

Promotional merchandise, promotional products, swag, or promo merch are items that businesses can brand with their logo, strapline, and message. They are high-impact, low-cost products that support your marketing campaign, promote your brand, a new product launch, an event, or your services.

Promotional merchandise can range from everyday items like pens, notebooks, and cups to techy items like USB charging cables and power banks, and to onboarding and appreciation packs.

They can be given to employees, to support culture-building. They can be given out to customers and clients to ensure your brand’s visibility. They are also meaningful and valuable giveaways to bring along when you attend conferences and job fairs.

Sustainable Promotional Merchandise

In recent years there’s been a massive investment into the research and production of branded sustainable promotional merchandise. The focus has been on more sustainable production methods and the use of more sustainable materials. This move has also made corporate buyers think more carefully about the quality of the products they buy. Why? Because better quality promo products last longer, are made from sustainable products, and are also recyclable. This approach also appeals to the recipients of your branded products who appreciate your thought and care for the planet. You can read our latest guide to top promotional products and trends here.

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Merchandise

For example, a pen that writes for only 400 meters – yes, pens are measured in that way, will last less than 6 months. A quality pen that writes for 5,000 meters, emblazoned with your brand, will last for years to come. It becomes your mobile billboard, going from hand to hand and person to person. If it’s made from environmentally friendly materials, with sustainability in mind, even better as it will be easily recycled at the end of its life. And the difference in price between the two pens? As little as 10 cents.

Why is Promotional Merchandise Important?

Promotional merchandise is important to businesses for several good reasons.

Increased brand visibility: Promotional merchandise products printed with your brand name, your logo, and a message help to increase your brand’s visibility. When used well, promotional products can make your clients feel appreciated, happy, and impressed.

Greater brand loyalty: When customers use or wear items with a company’s branding, it works to constantly remind others of the business. This leads to better brand recognition and increased customer loyalty. When employees are given promotional gifts like branded clothing, bags, and caps, it builds a connection. When employees feel connected with the company, they become more productive and loyal and remain with the company for longer. It can also create a good buzz and a positive vibe amongst staff members, while also building workplace culture.

Enhanced brand awareness: Your brand is constantly competing with other brands for your customer’s attention. You can run TV ad campaigns and take a two-page spread in the Sunday papers. However, according to the Advertising Specialties Impressions Study (ASI), promotional merchandise is still the most highly viewed form of advertising among consumers. That’s why businesses in the USA alone spend $20 billion each year on promotional products.

Cost-effective marketing tools: Having a range of promotional merchandise items to hand is a cost-effective way to market your business. They are inexpensive to produce and distribute when compared to other forms of marketing and business advertising. They also work! The British Promotional Marketing Association’s (BPMA) research shows that 8 out of 10 people who receive promotional marketing merchandise then research the brand. In turn, 83% of people who have received branded merchandise are more likely to do business with that brand. 

Make your brand distinct: You can use your range of promotional products to help your business to stand out from your competitors and to differentiate your brand in the marketplace. This is particularly important at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Handing out quality promo items is highly effective at promoting attention for your brand. 

Promoting sales: Promotional products can lead to increased sales by reminding customers of your company and your products and encouraging repeat purchases. According to the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI), branded promotional merchandise like branded hats, T-shirts, and bags are ‘travelling advertisements that leave a lasting impression’.

Supports Rebranding: When you rebrand, customers and clients can lose contact with you. A supportive marketing campaign will use promo products to help customers to identify you and help them to link up again.

Promotional Merchandise Items

There are many advantages to using promotional merchandise products for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses:

  • For small companies, promotional products help to establish their brand within the larger marketplace. This helps them to compete with larger companies and so build growth.
  • For medium-sized companies, promotional products help them grow their customer base. They also assist by helping to increase brand recognition.
  • For large companies, promotional products serve to sustain customer loyalty and strengthen their brand identity.

Promotional merchandise suppliers

Gift Innovations is your trusted promotional merchandise supplier. Now you can give a wide range of quality promotional items to your clients and employees. As we attend UK and European trade shows, we are able to continually add to our range of environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recycled products, as well as vegan-friendly alternatives to leather. Our Europe-wide chain of suppliers keep us constantly updated with the latest development in the world of promotional merchandise products.

You can contact us via email: info@giftinnovations.ie or just pick up the phone: 061 306 006.

We are happy to chat all things promotional, and to help you get the best fit for your event, your giveaways, or your onboarding swag.

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