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Promotional Bags

We supply a large range of bags, from branded laptop bags and rucksacks to totes and cooler bags, suitable for branding with your message and logo.

Promotional backpacks are a versatile and practical option as a corporate gift or to support promotional strategies. Company-branded backpacks – or promo rucksacks, custom drawstring bags, or custom backpacks with logos, leave a positive, lasting impression on the recipient. You will see your branded bags used daily when traveling on the train, bus, to school, or to work. They are a very practical product as they carry laptops, books, gym clothes, conference files, and tech equipment.

Your company branded backpacks can be printed or embroidered with your logo and message in one colour or full colour. Promo rucksacks are available in a wide range of designs, materials, sizes, colours, and prices. Custom drawstring bags, for example, are available in sustainable RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, cotton, and organic cotton. We can supply them in standard or pantone colours – to match your company colours. You can decide to print your logo in one position and a message in another.

Promotional backpacks are more than just stylish accessories, however,: they serve a functional purpose. Whether it’s a corporate travel bag or a drawstring bag with logos, they are designed to make life easier for clients, employees, or event attendees. This functionality guarantees that your company’s logo and message will travel far and wide.

Imagine the exposure your brand will receive as people carry your custom backpacks with logos on their daily commute, visit to the gym, or weekend getaway? The visibility and reach of these printed promotional products are priceless, turning each recipient into a walking advert for your company.

For corporate events, custom promotional bags and corporate travel bags make for excellent corporate event goodie bags that extend the experience beyond the day. Attendees appreciate the practicality of a high-quality corporate goodie bag, reinforcing positive associations with your brand. And if you choose a quality bag, it gets passed from user to user, so it’s a highly sustainable choice.

Investing in quality matters! When it comes to corporate goodie bags or custom promotional bags, durability, sustainability, and style go hand in hand. Opting for well-crafted promotional bags ensures your company’s logo remains prominently displayed. A stylish design enhances the bag’s appeal, making it highly likely that recipients will use it daily. The more people see your logo on a sustainably made drawstring bag or promo rucksack, the more they associate your brand with reliability and quality.

The benefits of incorporating promotional backpacks into your marketing offering are clear. Promotional backpacks – and bags in general, are versatile, durable, and serve as powerful tools for enhancing brand recognition. They are invaluable for corporate events, staff giveaways, or as standalone custom promotional products. Elevate your brand with the enduring impact of company-branded backpacks.

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