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We offer a large range of drinkware, including reusable bottles, flasks and travel mugs, suitable for branding with your message and logo.

Elevate Your Brand with Promotional Drinkware

Business is competitive so making a lasting impression is crucial for brand visibility and customer retention. One effective way to achieve this is the strategic use of promotional drinkware, which is functional and acts as a powerful marketing tool.

Custom water bottles

These are an excellent choice for promoting your brand in a refreshing way. Whether at a trade show, corporate event, or looking to boost brand awareness, custom water bottles are a practical, eco-friendly solution. Adding your logo creates a walking advertisement that travels wherever your customers go.

Promotional water bottles with logos

Promotional water bottles with logos take personalisation to the next level. By prominently featuring your company’s logo, you create a visual identity that sticks in the minds of potential customers. Every sip becomes a reminder of your brand, fostering a connection beyond the transactional.

Promotional branded mugs and coffee tumblers

In the workplace, promotional branded mugs and coffee tumblers are a must-have. Branded coffee cups are a stylish addition offering a daily dose of brand exposure. Imagine your logo on the desks of employees and clients as they enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Custom travel mugs

For professionals on the move, custom travel mugs are perfect. These portable cups keep drinks hot or cold while showcasing your brand. Branded corporate gifts like these demonstrate your appreciation and constantly remind users of your business.

Branded corporate gifts

The impact of branded corporate gifts extends beyond the visible. It’s about creating a positive association with your brand. The thoughtful gesture of providing custom drinkware demonstrates that your company values both functionality and aesthetics. It adds a personal touch to your marketing strategy, making clients and employees feel valued.

Business promotional items

In an adverts-saturated world, standing out is essential. Business promotional items like promotional drinkware allow your brand to ‘POP’ while being in daily use by staff and customers alike. Whether it’s a custom water bottle, promotional coffee tumbler, or branded mug, investing in drinkware that reflects your brand’s personality leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your promotional game – one sip at a time!

Types of drinkware

Today, promotional drinkware is available in a variety of materials and styles, for your budget. It can be made from highly sustainable materials, which last and are recyclable at the end of life.

Custom water bottles are available in recycled plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Features include single or double-walled manufacture with leak-proof screw lids or spill-proof silicon press tops. Double-walled bottles and cups keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Branded coffee cups and custom travel mugs are also available from premium brands like Bodum, Chilly’s and Contigo. Circular&Co sustainable cups use waste materials to make their fully recyclable coffee cups and bottles.

Branding methods are available to suit all pockets. Branding can be laser engraved for a durable finish or printed in full colour on metal and glass bottles. Plastic bottles and cups can be wrapped with a bespoke, full-colour design containing your branding and campaign message. Sometimes, your logo printed in one colour on a recycled bottle (made from recycled drinks bottles) makes your statement at an affordable price.

Gift Innovations is your corporate gifting partner with the ability, intuitive tools, and range of promotional drinkware, to create a deep, lasting first impression. Contact us by email at info@giftinnovations.ie or call 061 306006.

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