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Notebooks & Folders

Branded notebooks and folders are an excellent way to get your logo and company message seen. Let us help you find the perfect match.

Notebooks and Folders

Businesses constantly seek unique and impactful ways to leave a lasting impression on clients and employees. Promotional branded notebooks and folders stand out as versatile, practical, powerful branding assets.

Promotional branded notebooks can be supplied in different colours, sizes (A4, A5, A6) and materials (card, paper, leather, RPet). Hardcover notebooks can be supplied in a rainbow of colours. front covers can be embossed, printed in full colour, or foil printed with your logo. Notebooks come with matching coloured pen loops, elastic bands, and page markers, a card holder, and are filled with recycled or premium paper. A smaller, pocket notebook can be embossed with your logo in a leather binding and used as a special gift for visitors or special work anniversaries.

They serve as practical tools for notetaking while acting as subtle ambassadors for your brand. Adding a colourful company logo to a notebook turns it into a powerful promotional tool, showcasing professionalism and attention to detail. In summary:

1. Always used – a practical, impressive, attractive gift
2. High visibility at meetings and when visiting clients
3. Great advertising space
4. Associated with creativity and organisation
5. Available in lots of colours, sizes, printing options, and materials
6. Recycled paper makes for a sustainable choice
7. Can be supplied with branded pens

Branded folders can also be supplied in a wide range of colours and materials such as full grain or Nappa leather, RPet and a range of recycled leather-like materials. Folders can also be printed in full colour or debossed with your logo and message. Custom folders with logos and company branding offer a sophisticated means of organising important documents and contribute to brand visibility in meetings and conferences. They subtly convey a company’s commitment to excellence and organisational prowess.

1. Practical and impressive
2. Secure with a zip or clip to keep documents protected and confidential
3. Wide range of materials (leather, RPet, recycled leathers), sizes (A4, A5), and internal layouts
4. Add a branded pen or paper pad to increase brand perception

The hustle and bustle of trade shows, with their networking opportunities, allow businesses to showcase their brand through promotional stationery. Trade show giveaways are practical and ensure your brand remains in mind long after the event finishes.

We see a rising demand for promotional stationery including custom notebooks with logos and branded folders. A personalised notebook or folder showcases an organisation’s brand. It shows a commitment to quality to clients and partners.

Promotional stationery, including custom-branded notebooks with logos and branded folders, is a dynamic arena for corporate gifting. They serve practical purposes and act as powerful tools to raise brand awareness. They are a strategic investment, leaving a positive, lasting impression on your clients, future clients, and employees alike.

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